Brad Miller’s High Country Gear

The High Country is perhaps the most iconic Western Hunting terrain we all think about when day dreaming about hunting the west.  The High Country is typically a rugged & remote […]

50 Elk with a Bow!

Michael Park describes himself as just another Joe Blow Hunter, but his elk hunting resume speaks otherwise.  Michael has take over 50 elk with a bow! Taking 50 elk in […]

Meals for the Backcountry

Hunting, scouting & fishing in the backcountry is becoming more & more popular.   One of the biggest issues with doing any outdoor activities in the backcountry is the ability […]

Mapping Programs & E-Scouting

Mapping programs for hunting purposes have dramatically evolved over the past 10 years.  Map software, phone mapping apps, GPS technology & Google Earth are a big part of what hunters […]

Real Elk Sounds with Chris Roe

Have you ever wondered what the elk are saying?  Have you ever thought about what you are saying to the elk? Certified Wildlife Biologist & Animal Behaviorist, Chris Roe, recently […]

Elk Calling Tips with Jason Phelps

Elk calling is an art form & can be a deadly tactic while hunting elk.  Knowing how-to-elk call like some of the most successful elk hunters & callers in the […]