50 Elk with a Bow!

Michael Park describes himself as just another Joe Blow Hunter, but his elk hunting resume speaks otherwise.  Michael has take over 50 elk with a bow!

Taking 50 elk in itself is amazing, but we are not just talking about in his own backyard.  Michael has taken an archery elk in every western state except New Mexico, with the majority of them being taken on Public Land!

Michael's 42nd elk with a bow!
Michael’s 42nd elk with a bow was an Arizona giant!

Check-out footage of Michael’s Giant Arizona Public Land Bull taken while hunting with Jay:


Many might think that in order for ANY hunter to achieve such an unreal accomplishment…


Well listen to Podcast Episodes 169-172 as Mr. Park describes how he has done all of this without ever making more than 55K a year!

Also tune in as Jay interviews & discusses some awesome elk & bowhunting topics with this savvy veteran hunter, including:

  • Southwest elk hunting vs Northwest elk hunting
  • When is the best time to hunt elk in September
  • How to be successful in different states
  • State to state differences
  • Trophy Expectations
  • How much does it cost to hunt elk
  • Michael’s Archery & Bow Setup
  • Single pin vs Multiple pin bowsite
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Bugling vs Cow calling
  • How to rake a tree
  • Lovers vs Fighters
  • Should you hunt during mid-day
  • What elk calls Michael uses
  • What to do when he is coming
  • Shot execution
  • Handling the pressure
  • Shot placement
  • Should you shoot an elk head on

Tap here Episode #50 to Listen to this 4 part series on iTunes!

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