Meals for the Backcountry

Hunting, scouting & fishing in the backcountry is becoming more & more popular.   One of the biggest issues with doing any outdoor activities in the backcountry is the ability to have light weight & pack-able food that provides the proper nutrition for these activities is a huge hurdle.

Dehydrated backcountry meals
Dehydrated backcountry meals

2-time NCAA National Rowing Champion, Heather Kelly, visits with Jay on Episode #168 of the Jay Scott Outdoors Western Hunting & Fishing Podcast to discuss this hurdle.  Heather is an evolutionary sports nutritionist & owner of Heather’s Choice.  Heather discusses her journey from athlete to business owner & opens up about the in’s & out’s of nutrition for success in the backcountry.


Listen as Heather & Jay discuss these nutrition topics on Episode #168:

  • Freeze dried vs dehydrated food
  • What’s a Paleo diet?
  • What are the best selling backcountry meals at
  • What foods you should try to stay away from
  • Dehydration tips for beginners
  • What type of dehydrators you should use
  • What are the best sources of protein

Listen on iTunes to Episode #168 Meals for Adventuring and Backcountry with Heather Kelly

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