What Jason Hairston takes on a Dall Sheep Hunt

One would think the CEO of the most successful technical hunting gear company would bring an endless supply of gear on a dall sheep hunt.  Most would also question how a CEO has time to post images on Instagram or why he loves to post NEW gear ideas on Social Media channels, even when they aren’t complete.

Well, Jason Hairston, CEO of KUIU Ultra Lighthunting Gear, just isn’t your typical follow the same old beaten path hunting business man.

Why follow the beaten path, when you can make your own.
Why follow the beaten path, when you can make your own.

Jason joins Jay again, this time to discuss what he is taking on his upcoming dall sheep hunt, along with many other topics.  Jason is  extremely open about his path & thoughts as usual, so make sure you listen if you want to get to know this unreal hunting gear business leader!

  • Gear List for a Dall Sheep Hunt
  • Why he doesn’t bring extra gear
  • Why he stays away from sugar on a hunt
  • How he trains for the hunting season
  • Why he loves to share NEW product ideas on Social Media, when other tell him he is crazy
  • Transperancy is the goal at KUIU
  • His passion for taking his kids hunting

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